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Six Flags White Water

Six Flags White Water – Review And Savings

A different kind of park as Six Flags White water does not have any coasters. It is a water park and is totally different from the most six flags parks including water glides, pools and lazy rivers. Its located north west of Atlanta in Cobb County, Georgia and is about a 30 minute ride from Atlanta.

If you wan’t to take younger children keep in mind that you might no be able to enter all the rides available since some rides require a set age or height before a person is aloud to head on. Think about when you go since some days can be crazy at Six Flags White Water, especially Holidays and Weekends in the summer. The food prices are absurd so think about bringing your own food and snacks, or get some six flags food coupon codes from our site, which can save you plenty of money.

The park is made up of several separate sections, five in total on a total space of 69-acres, each section has a number of attractions. There is the Wildwater Lagoon section,PineValleysection, Slippery Ridge section and Flash Flood Canyon section which was added later in the park.

So for everyone who wants to have some fun in a waterpark on nice warm day head over to Cobb County in Georgie. The entry can be a bit rough but that’s where our coupon section comes in. We have some saving available for every single Six Flags Park in the United States.

More Fun with Six Flags White Water Deals:

  • Season passes – Season passes are always a good option for people that enjoy the park and plan on visiting more often, but since theUnited Statesis a big country keep in mind if it is a good deal for you. If you live inCaliforniait might not be the best option for you! A good thing with season passes is that you from time to time get free tickets to bring friends along on the splashing water adventure. You also receive a coupon book, good for $200 worth of saving in the park. At the time writing six flags offers 2 season passes for the prices of $99 which can be made in 3 easy payments.
  • Daily Tickets – Saving you can only find online and by booking online you’ll  save $6 on every ticket, it might not seem like a lot but if you go with a group of five that already ads up to $30 which you then can spend on some hamburgers or other stuff in the park.

Dive In Movies:

Wanna watch a movie when your in the park? That is possible on White Waters Dive in Movies. Imagine yourself with your family relaxing in a tube in the Atlante Ocean Wave Pool catching the latest flicks. That is all possible in the summer months of June and July every Thursday in Six Flags White Water.

What Rides Are There you Ask:

Speeding down at free-fall speed on these crazy rides in Cobb County. Your day could get any better than heading down in a tube in the warm hot summer sun, with your best friends or closest family! So what rides has Six Flags White Water to offer you?


  • Cliffhanger – Only for the real thrillseekers! It is one of the highest free-falls on earth with its 90 foot in height. Before going on the ride you have to walk the stairs of a 90 foot tower to get your adrenaline pumpin and then there the ride down at top speeds, before you splash in the pool with an amazing adrenaline rush. The minimum height for this ride is 48 inches and you should not have a weak hearth, the ride is located in the Flash Flood Canyon Section.
  • Tornado – Navigate through 5,000 gallons of water, make a drop of more then seven stories into 60 foot-tall, 132 foot-long water tunnel. Minimum height required for this ride is 48 inches and the ride is located in thePineValley.
  • Bahama Bob Slide – Wanna raft with the whole family trough the length of two football fields? Then this is the ride for you and everyone can hop on board, minimum height however is 42 inch and the ride takes 36 minutes to complete. The ride is located in the Slippery Ridge Section of the park.
  • The Little Hooc hRiver– Need a break from all the excitement in the park? Take a relaxing ride on the slow river and you are taken along some nice spots, like waterfalls and forests. On this ride everyone is aloud but small kids should always be under the supervision of their parents. The ride is located in the Pine Valley Section.

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