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Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags St. Louis  Reviews and Coupons

The only park which is completely owned by Six Flags and not just by limited partnerships is Six Flags St. Louis. The park has a lot to offer and is one of our favorite parks so if you in the St. Louis area, don’t miss out on this great park. Just a 30 miles drive from downtown St. Louis

What are you waiting for

We do want to get you excited, but the park will do an even better job. And you stay can only get better if you use one of our Six Flags St. Louis Coupons to make you visit more enjoyable by making it cheaper. If your living in theSt. Louis area you cannot miss out on this day of fun at extremely low costs. The park also has anHurricaneHarbor connected to its main park for if you want to have a nice and cool splash in the water and go of some slides.

Six Flags St. Louis Coupons

So if you made your decision of heading over or your still thinking about going but you think the prices are a little to steep then read on. All the money you don’t spend on your entrance tickets can be used on other things and especially if you are heading over with more people this can be a great money saver. For more coupons than below you can visit our Six Flags Coupons page, where all up to date coupons will be.

  • Daily Tickets: for just $39,99 each you can visit Six Flags St. Louis on discounted rates which leaves some money for an burger and a ice cream on a nice day and warm day. Total savings using the daily tickets are $10 for each ticket you buy.
  • Season Passes: The summer is coming and why don’t you buy some seasons passes, this will save you money already on your 2nd visit and you still have the whole summer to go. Season passes go for $49,99 each if you buy more than 4 passes at once. You will get the extra benefits which are not included in normal tickets, like bring a friend for free and over $300 worth of coupons and saving in the park.
  • Snack Vouchers: Save Money and Time By Buying Snack Vouchers online, another great deal to save money if you want to eat out in Six Flags.

Have Diner in Six Flags St. Louis

When you burn all your energy on your day trip at the park its recommend to bring some food or have some food at the park, so you have enough calories to keep you going for the entire day. The roller coasters and entertainment surely cost you a lot of energy and especially your kids. Six flagsSt. Louishas some nice restaurant in the park and we will list a few of them below.

  • Cold Stone Limited: It is a warm and sunny day when your heading over and you used your Six Flags St. Louis Coupons to enter the park. Then it is a good thing you used you coupon and saved some money for these delicious ice creams. Stone Cold Limited has two selling point, one in theHurricaneHarbor area and one in theBugsBunnyNational Park area.
  • Johnny Rockets Express: Love onions rings and hamburgers, then you are the American we are looking for. Johnny Rockets Express has some of the best burgers around and surely will ge you filled up for your second round of roller coasters. Johnny Rockets is located in Studio Backlot andHurricaneHarborarea.
  • The Outpost: More in for some Churro sticks or popcorn? Then head over to The Outpost and have some of their great snacks! For example their Giant Sweet Sugar and Cinnamon Churro Sticks are one of the best things in the park. This great food is located in the Chouteau’s Market area.

Coasters and Adrenaline Rushes during Your Visit to Six Flags St. Louis

The goal of Six Flags is Simple: Giving you an awesome time you will be talking about for weeks. So for every adrenaline junkie or family member, Six Flags St. Louis has it all! The question is, how much can you handle and how far will you go to explore new rides and search for your limits.

  •  BATMAN THE RIDE: Minimun height required for this ride is 54 inches and the Coaster is located in the Studio Backlot area. With a top speed of 50 miles per hour this ride is going to Rock your Socks of. The train travels on the outside rather than the inside of the coaster giving you an great and abnormal rush because you won’t be able to see your feet anywhere near something at all.
  • Bonzai Pipeline: The ride is not hear yet, still we want to feature it here since this ride is going to be amazing. Coming in 2012 and located in theHurricaneHarborarea of the park and the minimum height for this slide is 48 inches. Bonzai Pipeline will sent you down at free fall speed down the slide before you hit the slide and go your way down.

Where can we find this day of Fun

The Park is best found using your navigation system or using google maps to find the best route from your place. The address of the park is listed below.


Six Flags St.Louis
P.O. Box 60
4900 Six Flags Road
Eureka, MO 63025

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