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Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas – Reviews and Coupons

Do you enjoy fast rides, adrenaline-pumping loops and a fun family day out? Then we found the right place for you! Come and enjoy a fun day in Six Flags Over Texas! This themepark is an 212-acre land filled with fun for just about anyone. The park is located in Arlington, Texas and has been a great success ever since it opened on August 1, 1961.

The park offers entertainment for everybody. There is adventure for children on the Kids Rides, love and fun for the entire family on the Family Rides and adrenaline junkies can get their thrills started on the Thrill Rides. If you don’t enjoy swirling and turning you can also go shopping or to dinner at over 25 facilities that offer complete dinners or just a sweet bite to eat. After having a break from all the rides you can also enjoy a high quality entertainment show at one of the theatres.

Six Flags Over Texas Park Entrance PictureThe themepark is built so that everyone can enjoy a fun day out with family or friends! Thanks to the Six Flags Over Texas coupons you get more discount to bring as much family and friends with you! This is a one time deal which offers you season passes that save you $10 on each pass when you buy 4 tickets or more! Each pass includes a value book with over $300 in savings so it doesn’t matter when you come and visit us, you will never pay full price for anything!

A little History…

The opening of the amusementpark Over Texas was in August 1, 1961 on a Tuesday afternoon. The admission was only $2.75 for adults and $2.25 for kids. In the opening season (that ended after 45 days) there were over 550.000 visitors who enjoyed the many themes the park had to offer. There were six themed sections in the park around the 1960’s; a Mexican theme, a Spanish theme, a French theme, The Confederacy, a Texas theme and a Modern theme. The different kind of sections in the park counted over 46 major attractions for the public to enjoy.

Over the course of the years the amusementpark grew and added many more attractions that caught the eye of the thrillseeking fans. They expanded with rides such as; the Texas Giant (which received the best new coaster of 2011 award) and its tallest, fastest, longest roller coaster, Titan! After the cooperation with Looney Tunes in 1991, the themepark was known for their Looney Tunes characters running around the park to entertain the crowd. Eventhough the owners of the park changed frequently over the years, they always kept in mind that the Six Flags visitors come first.

Six Flags Over Texas, all the fun you can handle!

Six Flags Over Texas PictureImagine, you and your best friends can’t wait the enter the park and start your fun. When you get to the entrance you see the longest cue ever and realize that you have to pause your excitement till you get to the cashregister… But wait!! If you purchase your tickets online, you don’t have to wait any longer to start an exciting day with friends. You can walk right in if you just print your tickets and parking passes at home! And there’s more. If you purchase the exclusive online offers you will save money on your tickets as well. Let the fun begin!

Don’t wait in line with the Flash Pass..

Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to wait for hours to get on your favourite ride? With the new Flash Pass you are always the first to enter the exciting rides of your choice. For just a small price of $39 you will always be the first one to enjoy one of your favourite 13 rides without wasting any time in line, so start the fun immediately. The Flash Pass offers you more time to explore everything the exciting park has to offer.

Six Flags Over Texas Coupons and Discounts

  • Save 20$ when you Buy 3 Days Before: When you do allready know when you are heading over then why not look into buying your tickets online? If you buy atleast 3 days before your heading over to the fun, you will save a nice $20 on every single ticket which is not bad at all.
  • Season passes: Are you thinking about going more than once to Six Flags Over Texas then you might consider a season pass which is only $5 more expensive then a regular admission fee ticket. Several days a year you can even bring friends for free to the park when you are a Season Pass holder. Not to mention all the great saving and coupons you’ll receive when signing up

Do you think you can handle Six Flags Over Texas?

Six Flags Over Texas Map PictureThey say that everything is bigger in Texas, and when you visit Six Flags Over Texas you’ll find out that’s absolutely true. Six Flags Over Texas is the home of one of the most highest, fastest and adrenaline pumping rollercoasters in the World. We give you a sneak peek of what we have in store for the adrenaline junkies in the thrill-rides category who can’t wait to get the adrenaline pumping…

  • Texas Giant: After contructions were finished, the Texas Giant is back to reclaim first place as the top wooden coaster of the world! Prepare yourself for the terrifying 79 degree drop, which is the steepest drop of any wooden coaster in the World! But don’t get to comfortable after you survive the steepest drop in the World because you will loose control as you slam around the 95 degree turn!
  • Titan: This monster is a 3.5 minute terror ride that will change your life! With the everlasting tunneling, spiraling and curving moves you wish you weren’t 25 stories in the air, and all you can do is hang on for your dear life as you go faster than lightning with 85 mph!
  • Shock Wave: This former world’s tallest coaster has been delivering thrills for millions of Six Flags visitors. Eventhough this badboy is over 30 years old, don’t let age fool you because the terrifying 12 storey ascent will give you goosebumps as you race 60 mph.
  • Mr. Freeze: If you’re not terrified of heights than you can try and defeat Mr.Freeze. This monster hides out in an abandoned ice cream factory and whipps you around like it’s nothing with turns up to 70 mph! Get ready for the best ice cream of your life!

So don’t wait any longer to try out these thrills of Six Flags Over Texas and order your tickets now! Get to the action first with the Flash Pass and enjoy huge discounts with your friends and family thanks to the exclusive online offers.

How to get to Six Flags Over Texas

There are multiple options for you to head over to the park, you can drive yourself or use public transport and both options we will explain in details below

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