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Six Flags over Georgia

Six Flags over Georgia

Six Flags over Georgia is a nearly 300 acre amusement park that is located in Cobb County, Georgia (just west of Atlanta). It was founded in 1961 by Angus G. Wayne and since then has entertained millions of people with its fun attractions and thrilling rides. In fact, Six Flags over Georgia has been noted for having one of the best selections of roller coasters in the south east region of the United States, making it one of the premier amusement parks of the country as a whole. The park has prided itself on being a great destination for fun that the whole family will enjoy and with so many great discounts and coupons available there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t be able to enjoy the awesome experience that Six Flags over Georgia can provide.

A little history

As mentioned, Six Flags over Georgia has been in operation for over four decades since the extremely successful Texas businessman, Angus G. Young, founded the park in 1961 and to this day houses over 30 unique rides and attractions, all of which appeal both to children and adults alike. The park has been praised for the wide variety of rides and attractions including the Riverview Carousel, which is one of the only carousels of its type in existence.

At Six Flags over Georgia, fun isn’t hard to find

Whether you’re a thrill seeker looking to ride a lightning fast roller coaster or are just looking for a great time in general, one thing is sure; Six Flags over Georgia is the place for you. If you’re looking for thrills, you might want to get a spot on the massive two hundred foot Goliath hypercoaster, it is one of the first roller coasters of its kind and reaches an astounding speed of 70 miles per hour. If that just isn’t enough, there’s also the Acrophobia, the two hundred foot free-fall tower, which is sure to have you screaming as it lunges you down at incredibly fast rates. As well as having the first hypercoaster in the southern United states, Six Flags over Georgia also includes one of the very first triple loop roller coasters, the mind breaker. There is also the “Great American Scream Machine” which, at the time of its opening, was the tallest and fastest roller coasters in existence. And even if fast, thrilling roller coasters aren’t your style, there are still many other attractions that will still be perfect for you; such as Batman: the ride, the sky buckets, and the monster mansion which is sure to give you a thrill without going above 25 miles per hour! There are also many attractions that your kids will enjoy, many of which are located in the Whistle Stop Park, the bugs bunny themed section of Six Flags over Georgia. Your kids will have loads of fun in Tweety’s clubhouse, which is complete with the Zamperla Jumpin’ star which is a mini drop tower. There are also many other attractions designed for kids such as the Santa Maria, Convoy Grande, and the biplane ride called Little Aviator. There are even fun things for the even younger children like Bugs Bunny’s playfort, where the little ones can meet and play with Bugs Bunny in his carrot patch.

Fun and affordable

Some may worry about the costs when considering a trip to Six Flags over Georgia, but this isn’t necessary! With so many different discounts and coupons available on the internet, there is no reason why price should get in your way of enjoying all of what Six Flags over Georgia has to offer. For locals, there are even season passes that can be purchased for only 64 dollars, and when 4 or more are purchased at the same time, are only 50 dollars! Also, when pre purchasing park tickets online (at least 3 days in advanced), you will automatically save 20 dollars on each ticket! Active duty and veteran military members, as well as AAA members will also receive an instant 10 dollar discount on the price of their one day ticket. There are also many promotional coupons that offer an instant 20 dollars off of any one day ticket which can be found online. So dont you forget to bring over your six flags coupons to Atlanta.

One of the best and most innovative theme parks in the US

With such a large and unique selection of attractions, it is no wonder why Six Flags over Georgia has been widely considered to be one of the best and most innovative amusement parks in the United states. It is truly a one stop shop for amazingly exciting fun that all ages will enjoy. Six Flags over Georgia has exciting rides, great food, and with so many great discounts currently available there has never been a better time to experience Six Flags over Georgia!

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