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Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England Review and Coupons

Six Flags theme parks are known for their great selection of rides, attractions, entertainment and food.  When deciding on your summer family getaway you should be sure to consider a visit to the Six Flags theme park.   Located just outside of Springfield city in Massachusetts the theme park is home to many popular rides and a great water park and as such, there is something for everybody in your family to enjoy.  This article will provide you with a brief history of the park, some of the rides and attractions you’ll be able to enjoy, the entertainment in the park, the great food choices you’ll have and will finish off with some great six flags new england coupon codes to ensure you get the most bang for your buck while visiting Six Flags New England.

A Brief History

The history of Six Flags New England dates back to the 1800s where visitors generally arrived by steamboat to the then named Riverside Grove (initially Gallops Grove).  Over the next century the park changed owners (and names) numerous times until 1996 when the park was purchased by Premier Parks – later to be named Six Flags Inc.  Since then, the park has gone numerous upgrades and additions to become the giant Six Flags Park it is today.

Rides and Attractions

Whether you enjoy roller coasters, thrill rides, water park slides, or kid’s rides, Six Flags New England has something for everyone from adults, to teens, to small children.

  • Rollercoasters: Six Flags New England is home to eleven of the best rollercoasters in the country with big names such as Batman – The Dark Knight, Catwoman’s Whip, and the most recent addition, the Goliath.
  • Thrill Rides: In addition to a great variety of rollercoasters, Six Flags New England has an even larger number of thrill rides with a current total of 19.  These include popular rides like the Slingshot, Scream, Buzzsaw, and Joker’s Wildcard.
  • Kid’s Rides: The Six Flags New England Park features two large kids area with a number of rides for them to enjoy with two primary themes: Looney Tunes and Timber Town.  Rides include classics such as tea cups, swings, and water rides.
  • Water Park: In addition to its extensive theme park, Six Flags New England is home to a large water park called Hurricane Harbour.  Hurricane Harbour features a number of slides, wave pools, wading pools, and a long lazy river for those who prefer a more relaxing day at the park.


Along with the numerous rides to enjoy at the park, Six Flags New England provides you with great entertainment alternatives.  These include popular shows such as the Looney Tunes Dance Off, an animal show featuring birds from all over the world, and a magic show featuring illusionist David Garrity.  In addition to these great shows and others the park has a meet and great for the kids where they’ll be able to interact with the stars of Looney Tunes as well as popular DC comics characters from comics such as Batman and Superman.

Great Food

One of the best features of theme parks is the wide variety of delicious food available.  Six Flags New England is home to the famous Johnny Rockets, and other great food choices such as Fast Eddie’s Diner, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and JBs Smokehouse BBQ.  So whether you’re in the mood for a burger and fries, chicken wings and ribs, Chinese food or pizza, or treats such as ice cream and milkshakes, New England will have something to fill everyone’s appetite.  With all the rides and activities you’ll be enjoying, you’ll need some great fuel for the day.


Coupons are a great way to save money and still enjoy all the benefits the park has to offer.  If you’re planning at trip to Six Flags New England be sure to check out our Six Flags coupon page where you’ll find deals and discounts on a wide variety of Six Flags parks and activities.  As well there are specific coupons for example The Six Flags New England Coupons which are only available for this park. If you’re planning on attending the park numerous times throughout the season, consider purchasing a season pass to save you even more money and obtain discounts valued at over $300.  If you’re only planning a day trip, don’t worry – our coupon page has even more ways to save with daily deals.

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