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Six Flags Mexico

Six Flags Mexico Review and Coupons

If you’re planning to take a great trip this year that will be fun for the entire family, consider visiting Six Flags Mexico.
This theme park is filled with numerous rides, attractions, food and shopping areas so you’re sure to find something for everyone.   The park is located on Col. Heroes de Padierna in Mexico, D.F., and C.P. and has numerous accommodations near and around the park.  In order to make your trip even better we’ve included some of the best Six Flags Mexico coupons on our site so you don’t have to break the bank for your trip.

About the Park


Six Flags Mexico City Ride

The park was originally Adventure Kingdom which opened in 1982, and was later closed and reopened as The New Adventure Kingdom.  One interesting aspect of the park is that it is the filming location for Free Willy.  A number of years after the filming, Premier Parks bought The New Adventure Kingdom for approximately 59 million dollars in 1999 after which the name was officially changed to Six Flags Mexico.  Since then Premier Parks has changed its name to Six Flags Inc. and has added numerous rides and attractions to the park making it Mexico’s largest theme park.

Amazing Rides & Attractions

One of the primary features of Six Flags Mexico is the wide selection of rides and attractions available for adults and children of all ages.  The Six Flags Mexico theme park is divided into a number of villages including:

  • Pueblo Mexicano which translates into Mexican Village
  • Pueblo Fances which translates into French Village
  • Pueblo Polinesio which translates into Polynesian Village
  • Hollywood
  • Pueblo Suizo which translates into Swiss Village
  • Pueblo Vaquero which translates into Cowboy Village
  • And El Circo de Bugs Bunny which translates into Bugs Bunny’s Circus

Each village has its own theme and contains a number of rides and attractions with Bugs Bunny’s Circus housing a large number of children’s rides.  Six Flags Mexico Park MapThe total number of attractions is 46 with rides such as: ther Medusa (a large wooden rollercoaster), and numerous movie theme rides based on movies such as Terminator, Batman, and Batman: The Dark Night, and Superman.  If you’re into thrill rides you’ll certainly find numerous coasters and rides that will suit your tastes and fortunately, there are a number of more laid back rides for those of us who are not so daring.

One of the primary attractions somewhat unique to the location is the Dolphin Discovery area where you’ll be able to experience a once in a lifetime event – the chance to swim with dolphins.  This takes place in a large dolphinarium and this alone can make the trip more than worth it.

Great Food & Shopping

One of the great things about Six Flags Mexico is the wide assortment of foods and shopping you’ll be able to indulge in.  As mentioned previously, Six Flags Mexico is divided into a number of villages often pertaining to a specific country.  As one might expect, the types of food you’ll be able to try relate to the villages they’re in.  For instance, in the Mexican Village you’ll be able to try a number of Mexican dishes such as tacos and burritos, in the French Village you’ll be able to choose from a number of French pastries and Café style dishes, etc.  Whatever your tastes in food, given the wide variety of cuisines from all over the world you’ll be sure to find something you love.

Six Flags Mexico Coupons

To make the most out of your Six Flags Mexico experience, it can be beneficial to take advantage of the savings associated with coupons.  Whether it is coupons for discounts on day passes, season passes or a certain attraction in the park such as swimming with the dolphins, coupons can make sure your hard earned dollars go as far as possible.

If you plan on attending any of the Six Flags theme parks more than twice in a year, season passes can be a great way to go.  Not only will it be cheaper in the long run but you’ll get discounts worth over $300 and free access to any of the Six Flags theme parks.

For more coupon offers, check out our coupons page before you leave and cash in on the amazing savings.

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