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Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain – Reviews and Savings

With slogans such as ‘The Thrill Capital of the World’ and ‘The Xtreme Park’ Six Flags Magic Mountain is the place for thrillseekers. The Park is located in the south of the US in Santa Clarita, California an amazing Theme Park down south!

A little history


The opening day was on Memorial Day weekend on May 30, 1971. A Cool fact is that Six Flags Magic Mountain currently has the most roller coasters in the world located in a single park!

Six Flags Magic Mountain Goliath Picture

The number in total is 17 coasters. After opening in 1971, Six Flags got permission to use the Looney Tunes characters for the park however didn’t use these figures for almost ten years. Ask your mom or dad and they probably remember the Trolls King Blop, also very known as King Troll or Bleep, Bloop, and the Wizard. They became the recognizable characters or symbols of Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Thanks to the opening in 1976 of the park ‘Great American Revolution” the park became the first in the world to feature a 360 degrees looping coaster. This was only the beginning in Six Flags Magic Mountain and see what the park gained till this day. For all of the movie lovers out there it might be interesting to know that Universal even filmed a big hollywood movie at Six Flags Magic Mountain with ‘the Revolution’ as its main attraction. The movie is called Rollercoaster and hit the cinemas in 1977.

Start the fun with Six Flags Magic Mountain Coupons

Now that you have a little backstage scoop on Six Flags Magic Mountain history, we offer you a great deal to go check out the famous park yourself! Thanks to exclusive online offers you can save money on your Six Flags adventures! Get Thrill Passes for $61.99 each if you buy 4 or more and get a free upgrade to Combo Passes. Always be on the lookout for coupon codes, since we allways have a fresh supply of them on our site. Or get Daily tickets which will help you save $25 off the regular gate prices. Print your tickets and avoid waiting in line at the register! So in a few words Six Flags Magic Mountain Coupons are a great way to save money during your stay!

If you Buy 4 Season or Combo Passes online you will get Free Parking! So if you buy four Season Passes or combo passes at six flags you will receive one Free Season Parking pass which ads another saving value of upto $50.

Ready to rock the VIP Tour at Magic Mountain?

For everyone who always wanted to be a rockstar, we got the ultimate tour for you. With the VIP Tour you can experience the park with personalized customer care, backstage passes and even front row seats for the shows!

Don’t wait in line with the Flash Pass..

Six flags Magic Mountain X2 ride picturesHave you ever wished that you didn’t have to wait for hours to get on your favourite ride? With the new Flash Pass you are always the first to enter the exciting rides of your choice. For just a small price of $39 you will always be the first one to enjoy one of your favourite 13 rides without wasting any time in line, so start the fun immediately. The Flash Pass offers you more time to explore everything the exciting park has to offer.

There are many reasons why you should purchase your own Season Pass for 2012. You’ll get Unlimited visits to the park all year long! If you spend $10 more than a general admission ticket you’ll have a Season Pass to enjoy Six Flags Magic Mountain for as many times as you want.

Start your super thrills

If you’re ok with going over 50 mph and screaming your lungs out while discovering new heights then you will be just fine going on the exciting rides Magic Mountain has to offer! We give you a little summary of the wildest, fastest and scariest coasters you can conquer during your visit in California.

  • Batman: We got just what the Batman fans need, a ride that is close to actually sitting in the Batmobile yourself. This coaster reaches speeds up to 50 mph while turning,swirling and flipping while experiencing movie magic.
  • Dive Devil: Always wondered what it would be like to fly like a bird? Well try for yourself in Dive Devil where you can ‘fly’ alone or fly tandem with your friends. Get the rush of flying in Dive Devil!
  • Tatsu: Do you think you can handle the fastest,longest and tallest coaster on earth? Then prove yourself by taking a dangerous ride on Tatsu! This monster has 3.602 feet of track at 62 mph and 263 feet in plunges!
  • X2: This incredible coaster offers you a chance to ride into the fifth dimension. In this gigantic maze of 3.600 feet of track you will experience the ride of a lifetime on a wing-shaped train in a 360 degree rotating seat!

Eventhough Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to one of the biggest coasters in the world, it is also a fun family day out. There are over 14 rides especially for children such as the Canyon Blaster and Grand Carousel so the whole family can enjoy rides together. The park has 3 types of coasters. You have the Family Rides, Thrill Rides and Kids Rides so everyone can have their fair share of excitement.

Six Flags is designed so that you can get your adrenaline pumping but also relax in one of their restaurants of shops. The park has over 12 restaurants where you can get a quick bite to eat or enjoy a quality meal. It also offers over 25 shoppingfacilities so you can always find a fun souvenier to remember your Six Flags experience!

So if you think you got what it takes to try out these rides and many more, buy your tickets now with great online exclusive discount offers!

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