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Six Flags La Ronde Canada

Six Flags La Ronde Canada

Do you plan on traveling to Montreal? Are you looking for something fun to do while you’re there? Well look no further than the Six Flags La Ronde, one of the largest amusement parks in all of Canada. La Ronde is a premier amusement that spans over 140 aces and is located on Saint Helen’s island in Montreal. The park has over 30 exciting rides and attractions and is sure to provide fun for the whole family and for people of all ages. With awesome and unique attractions, great food, affordable prices and great discounts and coupons it is no wonder that Six Flags La Ronde has attracted visitors from all over Canada and the world as well.

History of La Ronde

Six Flags La Ronde has been in operation since 1967, and was originally owned by the City of Montreal before being sold to Six Flags in 2001 and since has added many new and exciting high quality attractions of which only Six Flags could provide. The park has many great food franchises and has rides and attractions for both the thrill seeker and young one alike. It has been praised as a premier location for great family fun and even more so for its affordable rates. The park must be accessed by boat, adding to the excitement you can experience when visiting!

Great rides and attractions for everyone!

As with many Six Flags amusement parks, La Ronde features a wide variety of rides and attractions including those that are not exactly for the faint of heart. There are over 10 different “thrill rides” that the park has to offer including the ever popular Goliath, an astounding 175 foot roller coaster that shoots you down a 70 degree angle at nearly 70 miles per hour. There is also “Le Vampire” a thrilling roller coaster in which riders’ legs dangles out as they are flipped in all different directions over 5 times. The newest thrill ride to be added to La Ronde is the SkyScreamer, a high flying swing ride that swings riders around at a speed of nearly 35 miles per hour. But if thrill rides may be too much for you to handle, there are still may other rides and attractions directed for adults and families that are sure to make your experience at Six Flags La Ronde just as excellent. These include The condor, which is a smaller version of the “Skyscreamer”, as well as    the Toboggan Nordique, and the exciting mini coaster simply called “Dragon”. There are also attractions built with the sight seer in mind; experience the beauty of Montreal on the “minirail”, an automated monorail that will take you high above the park at a slow pace which can make for a breath taking experience.  There are also many attractions that are designed specifically for families and children; kids are sure to enjoy the Pitoune, a slow moving ride in which the entire family can ride together in a log, as well as the famous “Le Galopant carousel amongst many others. For those who want to experience all of what Six Flags La Ronde has to offer in as little as one day, the flash pass can be purchased. The flash pass allows visitors to electronically hold their place in line, which in turns allows them to visit other areas of the park while simultaneously waiting for a different ride or attraction. There are three different kinds of fast pass which are regular, gold and premium. The regular fast pass option will just hold your place in line while the Gold option will reduce waiting time by 75 percent. Having the premium fast pass will not only reduce waiting time by over 90 percent, but will also grant the pass holder two rides in a row, without having to wait for the second one.

Your trip to La Ronde is even closer with great coupons and discounts

When planning a vacation or family outing, price is always something that is heavily considered. Luckily, when planning to visit Six Flags La Ronde, this isn’t something that needs to be worried about. There are many discounts and coupons available to anyone who wants to experience the great times that the park has to offer. There are promotional discounts available every year that can provide you with an instant 20 percent off of your ticket purchase when purchased at least three days in advanced. There are also many promotional food coupons that will work at every bar and eatery located within La Ronde.

Experience La Ronde for yourself!

With so many great rides, attractions, eateries, and discounts there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider Six Flags La Ronde for your next fun destination or vacation spot. La Ronde has been operating for over 30 years and has attracted millions of guests, and the next one could be you!

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