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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor LA

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles Review And Coupons

The best water park in the Los Angeles Area, it is a chain of water parks by Six Flags as parks with the same name are in more locations acrossAmerica. But every park has its own unique rides and locations of course. This is good because if all the parks where the same you only needed to visit one Hurricane Harbor only and now you can head over to even more and by using one of our Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Coupons your stay may be even better.

You can’t go wrong with Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

We loved the rides the park had to offer but you have to be early in the park if you want to go off all the rides available. Most rides get filled up pretty badly during the day as more people come over to the park and all the lagoons and rides get filled up with bodies of other happy six flags customers. On weekends and public holidays it can get pretty full as well. On a hot summer day the paths to the rides can get pretty hot and you are not allowed to take your flip flops on the ride, which can be pretty warm on your feet. But it’s a good way to stay cool on a warm summer day and don’t forget to bring your sunscreen as people tend to get burned pretty quickly while in the water or waiting in the lines.

Splash Around in Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Is there a better summer day than splashing around all day in the water at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and going off cool rides which gets your adrenaline pumped up to the max? Make your summer special and bring a visit to this great water adventure park inLos Angeles, and slide your way down awesome rapids and water rapids and cool down in beautiful blue pools of water.

Eating in the Park or Bringing your own Food

As you might know food can be pretty expensive in Six Flags Hurricane Harbor NJ so you might want to bring your own food to save money or use food coupons which can be found on our coupon page.

  • Ben & Jerry’s: Available in this park and what is better then a delicious cool ice cream on a hot summer day! Ben & Jerry’s is Located in the Forgotten Sea Wave Pool area.
  • Cowabunga Burgers: In the mood for a Hamburger a Delicious Sandwich? Then head over to Cowabunga Burgers and get your stomach filled up before heading over to slides again. Located in the Buccaneer Village Area.

This Savings might make your day even better

Beside all the savings which are available trough Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Coupons another great way of savings can be found below.

  • Daily Tickets – Buy your tickets online and save an instant $5 on the gate prices, so take your friends and have a great day spending time going down waterslides and taking some of the craziest rapids in the Los Angeles Area! Enjoy your day at discounted rates as we all try to save some money!
  • Season Passes – If you buy 4 Magic Mountain Thrill Passes you will receive 4 free passes to Hurricane Harbor as well. So if you living in the Los Angeles Area this is a great deal where you cannot pass on. If you plan on going more than twice a year then these passes are great for you, because you will save money from your second visit and all visits after that are free! And on selected days you will get discounted tickets for friends or family.

Get your Family Thrilled at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

  • Taboo Tower: walk the way to the top of the forbidden Taboo Tower then shoot down at extremely high speed with direction earth! Head trough the Secret Passage, Escape Chute and the Daredevil Plunge! To minimum height to be allowed into this ride is 48 inch, so keep that in mind before waiting in row with little children. Find out more about the taboo tower: read here
  • Lost Temple Rapids: For everyone out there who loves white water rafting and wants to do this even with smaller ones among us. Navigate down trough the rushing waters of the Lost Temple Aqueduct and enjoy the 560 feet thrilling ride with your whole family. Minimum height required for this ride is 42 inches.
  • Black Snake Summit: Fun will be taken to a whole new level with this amazing ride. Fiver water slides, including southernCalifornia’s two tallest fully enclosed water slides to get your adrenaline pumping. Prepare yourself for some great fun and chose from any of these 5 great slides on top of the platform, which are all totally different. You can find more info about the Black Snake Summite: here
A List of Thrill Rides Available at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor:

Where is Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

You can get at the park by taking the car and if you don’t want to have a the trouble the car brings you, like parking and traffic you can always take public transportation.

Public Transport

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