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Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Great America Savings and Discounts

There’s great news for Six Flags fans! This summer you can experience Six Flags Great America with incredible discount coupons. With the “Everyone pays kids’ price” you save $17 per ticket! Feel like a kid again and go online to order your special tickets. Buying online is the only way you get the discount you deserve with this incredible offer.

Incredible discounts for your favorite amusement park

Or you can purchase Season Passes that will only cost you $59.99 each when you buy four or more passes. This way you can enjoy Six Flags Great America for the entire season with the entire family of fun friends. If you’re not quite sure if you should get a hold of a Season Pass you can also save $22 if you buy you tickets three days in advance. Go online to check more Six Flags Great America Coupons and savings!

But for the lucky people who did buy their Season Passes, they can enjoy Hurricane Harbor for free. Hurricane Harbor is called Best Waterpark in the Nation!

Season Pass holders experience the early entry so that they will be the first to enter Hurricane Harbor at openingtime. Season Pass holders also receive the No-Wait access. Find out about the general information concerning Hurricane Harbor on the official Six Flags website.

A little history..

Six Flags Great America feels right at home in the Chicago metropolitan area, located in Gurnee, Illinois. It first opened in 1976 as Marriott’s Great America but became Six Flags Great America in 1984. Today the park currently has nine themed sections, a 16-acre water park, two specially themed children’s areas, and various other forms of entertainment.

Originally the park included three roller coasters: Willard’s Whizzer, Turn of the Century (now re-themed and renamed Demon), and Gulf Coaster. After that the park expanded with over 10 new coasters, 4 water rides and a total of 51 rides all around Six Flags Great America.

There are even some historic moments that happened in Six Flags Great America. For instance, did you know that the coaster Iron Wolf was featured in the movie Richie Rich? And the park was featured on Dinner Impossible on August 26, 2009.

Fireworks all day, every day!

Always loved the fireworks on 4th of July? In Six Flags Great America you can enjoy th 4th of July in Chicago everyday! From Mardi Grass to Yankee Harbor, you can experience the best that every state has to offer. But the USA is also united and strong with having a great time and saving money! So don’t wait any longer till it’s 4th of July, but come and celebrate the fireworks every day of the week at Six Flags Great America.

But what about the entertainment?

Six Flags Great America is filled with the famous Glow in the dark parade and incredible entertainment shows. Enjoy a magic live show with the entire family and get blown away by the sensational stories. Did you always love Tweety or one of the Looney Tunes stars? You get a chance to meet them at the Meet and Greet stages where you can even get your picture taken with your favorite Looney Tunes character (at the Yankee Harbor Character Stage, County Fair Character Stage or Southwest Character Stage).

Food and fun

Six Flags Great America also has over 34 restaurants where the entire family can enjoy a quick bite to eat or have a cosy family dinner. If you don’t want to forget about your Six Flags adventures you can also get wonderfull souvenirs at the giftshops or regular shops. Six Flags has over 19 shopping facilities where you can definitely succeed in finding the perfect reminder of a special day.

With the new Season Dining Pass you can enjoy your lunch and dinner every time you visit Six Flags. Pay for your Season Dining Pass and eat all season long!

Feel like a star on the VIP Tour

Always felt like a star? Then don’t wait any longer and start feeling like the Very Important Person that you are, and take the VIP Tour in Six Flags Great America! The VIP Tour puts you in every front row, behind the scenes and always in front of the line. Because lets face it, Ever seen Johnny Depp or Keira Knightley wait in line? Didn’t think so! So start your VIP Tour and buy your VIP Tour special offer tickets. Lights, camera, action!

Famous coasters

When you think of Six Flags Great America, you should think of adrenaline rushes from the minute you enter the park, till the moment you leave. Here’s a short summary of the most exciting adventures that await you in Six Flags Great America:

  • Raging Bull; the rush you get from drinking a energydrink is nothing compared to the adrenaline rush you’ll experience on your Raging Bull ride. Racing over 70 mph over a 20 story hill to drop at a 65 degree angle the Raging Bull is a ride that will keep you awake at night! The coaster was added in 1999 and is still the park’s tallest, fastest, and longest coaster!
  • Vertical Velocity; This Midwest extreme ride takes you from 0 to 70 mph in just four seconds. But they don’t call this monster Vertical Velocity for nothing… With a race to the top of one of the two 185 vertical towers you will whirl in a spiral corkscrew screaming your lungues out!
  • The Dark Knight Coaster; You’ll experience Gotham in its darkest moments, but literally in pitch black indoor coaster since you will be seeing absolutely nothing! After the blockbustermovie The Dark Knight this coaster was constructed for promoting the movie. Except this Dark Knight takes you on six 180 degree curves, plummeting in darkness and climbing hills as you hold on for dear life to escape the Joker’s insanity which is coming for you!

So where are you waiting for and head over to Six Flags and make use of your Six Flags Great America Coupons which are available on our site!

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