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Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure Coupons and Info

Six flags great adventure the perfect get away for the whole family. Have a nice day out well using your Six Flags Great Adventure Coupons and save some money in Jackson New Jersey. We have savings for your entrance passes and even for food you wish to buy in the park. If you are living in theNew York City orPhiladelphia area then head over to this great Park since it is only a few minutes drive and an awesome experience.

Become a wild animal or watch a wild animal

Six flags great adventure and wild safari offers you a lion’s share of fun. Enjoy your day on thrilling Rides, great food and awesome animals. Release the beast inside of you, while screaming your way down on the coasters.

Some history on the Park

Six Flags Great Adventure Park Entrance pictureThe idea of starting and entertainment complex was from restaurateur Warner Leroy who proposed to build seven parks as part of the entertainment complex in 1972. He proposed an amusement park, a safari park, a show Park, a floral Park, a shopping district, a sports complex and a campground with beach and stables. He also had the idea to build hotels which could be connected to the complex by boats, sky rides, monorail or buses. His idea was to give the Park the back to nature feeling as part of the movement in that era. Later the Park had multiple owners and switched back and forth between owners and corporations.

Grab your Discounts for Six Flags Great Adventure

Of course we won’t let you go without informing you about great ways to save money on admission fees, so you got money left to spend on food and other fun stuff at the Park. We all know that a day at Six Flags great adventure can be pretty expensive, especially when you go out with the whole family.

  • Daily tickets: if you visit before April 15 you can save over $30 on the price of each admission fee this is part of the season opening special. But even after these specials you can save at least $10 on each entry ticket.
  • Season Passes: did you know you can save a lot of money when using season passes, season passes go for $64.99 each and when you buy four of them you get free parking all season long. So if you living in the neighborhood and you plan on visiting more than twice you are already saving money. This doesn’t include all the extras you will get like free tickets for friends and over $300 of savings in the Park coupons. You will also get unlimited access to wild Safari and great adventure and for an extra $20 you will also get unlimited access tohurricaneHarbor, so you will have three cool parks on one ticket.

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Eating Out In Six Flags Great Adventure

What are my options for eating out in Six Flags Great Adventure or do I better bring food from home and have some good old fashioned sandwiches on my pick-nick blanket? First off let us inform you that you can save money by using Six Flags Coupons for food and drinks. But even than for some families it might be to expensive to eat at the park, however we will list a few options below.

  • Cold Stone Limited: If we have a hot warm day why don’t you head over to Cold Stone Limited and try out some delicious ice-cream? The park has 3 places where you can get it. There is one in each of the following places:FantasyForest,Main Street and the Adventure Seaport. So wherever you are in the park it is never to far away too the closest Ice Cream refresh point.
  • La Cocina: Want to have some good food from our southern neighbors then head over to “La Cocina” for some awesome Mexican delights. They have all the standard Mexican food, like Nachos, Wraps, Tacos and many more. They are located in the Plaza del Carnaval Area of the park.
  • Totally Kicking’ Chicken: So your favorite meat is chicken? Six Flags Great Adventure has the solution for you and Friends and or Family. Totally Kicking’ Chicken is a great place to get your energy back up for the rest of your day out. They are located on the Boardwalk.

Six Flags Great Adventure Rides and Coasters

So what has this great park inJackson,New Jerseyto offer you besides food? There are some awesome coasters and rides, for the thrill seekers but also for the family and the little ones among us.

Main Street

Six Flags Great Adventure Bizarro Roller Coaster PictureServing as the entry gate to all the fun at Six Flags Great Adventure, this location of the park is themed as an old AmericanTownfrom around the 18th Century. A popular meeting place is right in the beginning ofMain Street, called Freedom Fountain. OnMain Street you can Purchase yourSixFlagsFlashPass if you do not want to wait in lines. Also there is the Liberty Square Gazebo where seasonal shows are performed.

Fantasy Forest

The Original Entrance to the park, but later this has moved to Main Streetas you have read above. This part of the park is designed to give every visitor that magical feeling of being a child again. There is an building designed like an gigantic Ice Cream there are big Tea Cups and an colorful Carousel. Furthermore there is an nice attraction called Houdini’s Great Escape with complete Harry Houdini Theming. Let your inner child out and enjoy this part of the park.

Adventure Alley

A new area which will open this season (2012) which will have an Big Wheel and there will be three more new attractions coming to this part of the park. Including the Air Jumbo where you where you can take a ride high above the park and watch everything from higher up. Then there is Dejavu and mild attraction where you rotate and spin. And the last new attraction opening this summer is Fender Benders a bumper car ride which explains itself.

Adventure Seaport

Six Flags Great Adventure Park Map PictureOpened in the 2011 season and is made up of old parts of the Looney Tunes Seaport and the famous Movie town. This part of the park has one of the first attractions of Six Flags Great Adventure and this is the Congo Rapids which opened in 1981 and will give you the experience of an real white water rafting experience! And then there is the Award Winning Steel Coaster Nitro, ranked #3 in the world. Dive down 23 Stories at an maximum speed of 80 MPH an explosive which you don’t want to miss out on! Dont forget to bring your Six Flags Great Adventure Coupons along to save some money during your stay.

Safari Kids

Formerly know as Wiggles World from 2007 until 2010 and was renamed and re-themed to Safari Kids in 2011 and still remains under the same name. Most of Safari Kids area attraction are old re-themed ones from the Looney Tunes Seaport. Air Safari the newest ride in this area which was added in 2007 a kid’s ride which lets you have a look at the park from the sky. Bugaboo as well an kid’s attraction which lets your little ones ride charming bugs, then there is Jumpin’ Joey where kids can bounce and jump safely. Raja’s Rickshaws lets your children ride Rickshaw style cars that go around in circles, then kids have the option to join a convoy as they cruise trough Safari Kids and finally there is Sky Zooma where you can hop in a small hot air balloon and see the park from 40 feet up.

Looney Tunes Seaport

A Special Section in Six Flags Great Adventure where the little ones can have an great adventure as well. The Park has Attraction like the Bugs Bunny Barnstormer where children and parents can take a nice spin. They even can bounce around in an soft safe interactive area called Bugs Bunny Fun Factory, or take a ride in a submarine themed attraction Daffy’s Deep Diver. For the girls a good option might be Pepe Le Pew’s Heart Aweigh where the girls can ride in spinning teacups. If the kids want to go on a roller coasters as well then they have the option to enter Road Runner Railway a children roller coaster. And the last option is Taz’s Tornado a Swing Ride which should give your children plenty of options to have an awesome time at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Movie Town

Themed as an Hollywood movie studio, MovieTownoffers some great action, unfortunately only 2 roller coasters are left in this section but both are awesome. The almost 20 year’s old coaster Batman: The Ride will still blow many away. Then there is the newer Coaster The Dark Knight Coaster which is more mildly then the older ride but still a lot of fun.


Located on the lake as the name says, this section features an Swinging Ship named Buccaneer an Family Coaster themed as a Mine Train Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure Train. There even is a coaster that’s fully in darkness called Skull Mountain and Jolly Roger a Spinning Ride on a large skull sign. Then there is a ride which has been renamed already a few times and which was put in the park 1974, which makes it a real old timer, it is a flat rotating ride which moves you up in the sky, Swashbuckler.

Frontier Adventures

Nothing at Six Flags Keeps it name for too long, same goes for Frontier Adventures which has been renamed numerous Times. It’s a western themed section of the park which formerly had the names; “Best of the West” and “Rootin’ Tootin’ Rip Roarin”. Experience an amazing floorless ride and let Bizarro turn your life upside down, with its great adrenaline rush. The parks first roller coaster is also still here themed as an mine train, make sure to not miss out on this ride and head over to Runaway Mine Train. Another old timer is Sky Way which will transport you from Frontier Adventures to Lake Front with an amazing view over the park and off course you don’t want to miss out on the parks Log Flume Ride and get yourself a refreshing cool down on a hot summer day in Saw Mill Log Flume.

Bugs Bunny National Park

Another part of the park designed for the small ones among us featuring rides like, Bugs Bunny Camp Carousel, Bugs Bunny National Water Park Tower, Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots, Daftly Duck’s Hot Air Balloons, Porky Pig Camp Wagons and Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster. All chill friendly rides.

Plaza Del Carnaval

With a very Spanish theme and previously part of Frontier Adventures this part of the park now runs the second best wooden Roller Coaster El Toro, which is totally worth the waiting line as this ride is an amazing adrenaline rush. Another good ride in this section is Rolling Thunder a duel tracked wooden roller coaster. And then there is an awesome family boat ride Tango located in this section to close the deal and a must visit point in this park.

Golden Kingdom

Opened in 2005 in the formerly know BugsBunnyLand, themed with bamboo plants, temples and many more. A must visit as well since Golden Kingdom has the Largest Roller Coaster in the world Kingda Ka which shoots you 45 stories high at 128 mph, surely not for people with weak hearths. Golden Kingdom also has an Jungle Themed water play structure Splashwater Oasis and to close the deal there is an option for everyone to see a variety of wild animals in Safari Discoveries which gives Six Flags Great Adventure a very complete feeling which almost isn’t enough to see in a day, that why an Season Pass might be a good option if you live close by.


Six Flags Great Adventure Batman Roller Coaster PictureAlso known as fortune festival, this part of the Park also features some great rides. A must do is the Dare Devil Dive which is a cool sky coaster, with speeds up to 60 mph and 15 1/2 stories fall. there also is a go-karts track, Great American Road Race. Don’t miss the stand-up coaster featuring five inversions Green Lantern. Then there is the in 1983 opened parachutes tower called the Parachute Training Center: Edwards AFB Jump Tower. Slingshot a slingshot ride which you shouldn’t miss out on. You can even climb a Rockwall to show of your skills, not even to mention Superman: Ultimate Flight a steel roller coaster and then there is one more adrenaline pumpin ride, The Twister which will flip you backwards, forwards, dive and spin, not a ride for people with a weak stomach.

Other Parks in the New Jersey Area:

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Address and Directions

1 Six Flags Boulevard
Jackson, NJ 08527

Within New Jersey
Take NJ Turnpike to exit 7A, I-195 east to exit 16A or Garden State Parkway exit 98, I-195 west to exit 16, then one mile west on Rte. 537 to Six Flags.

From Philidelphia
Take the Ben Franklin Bridge to Route 38 east. Take NJ Turnpike north to exit 7A to I-195 east or Route 295 north to I-195 east. Exit at 16A, then one mile west on Rte. 537 to Six Flags.

From New York
Take the George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel or Holland Tunnel to NJ Turnpike south to exit 7A. Proceed on I-195 east to exit 16A, then one mile west on Rte. 537 to Six Flags.

From The Jersey Shore
Route 138 West or Garden State Parkway exit 98, to I-195 west to exit 16, then one mile west on Rte. 537 to Six Flags.

Mass Transit
NJ TRANSIT has an exclusive service by bus to the park fromNew York City,Newark,Camden andPhiladelphia,PA. via the 308 and 318 lines.  Local bus service is also available on the #307 bus line from Freehold, NJ with connections in Freehold from other bus lines. For a current operating schedule, call (800) 772-2222 inNew Jersey. Outside ofNew Jersey, call (973) 275-5555.

More info can be found her:

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