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Six Flags Fright Fest

Six Flags Fright Fest Review

Each year, businesses across the world participate in some form of Halloween festivities, whether handing out treats, dressing up at work, or simply hanging a few decorations.  However, one company that takes Halloween to the extreme is Six Flags.  Each year, Six Flags theme parks host their annual Fright Fest whereby they transform the park into a ghoulish delight.  This review will detail who the Six Flags Fright Fest caters to, when Fright Fest begins and ends, and what you can expect from it.

When Six Flags Fright Fest Begins

Generally over the years Six Flags Fright Fest begins in the month of October when the park is nearing its closing season (in colder winter climates anyway).  The parks are typically open only on weekends from Friday night to Sunday night.  Fright Fest then runs each weekend until October 31st after which many of the parks close until spring arrives.

Who Six Flags Fright Fest Caters To

Six Flags Fright Fest is not the most horrific event in the world; however, park staff members do dress up in ghoulish costumes attempting to frighten park visitors.  As such, the event is not catered to young children.  Six Flags Fright Fest tends to be most popular with kids in their teenage years who also commonly dress up for the occasion.  However, if your child is particularly brave and accompanied by an adult, the park is open to all ages.

What You Can Expect from Six Flags Fright Fest

As with most Halloween festivities, you can expect numerous park decorations such as jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, etc.  In addition, as mentioned previously most of the park staff members will be dressed up in Halloween costumes which adds to the atmosphere.

In addition to the year round rides offered at Six Flags parks, the park sets up various other attractions like haunted houses, and many of their segmented park villages become what the park refers to as “scare zones”.

As the park is open until 11pm on the nights of Fright Fest, the atmosphere of the park is completely changed in the dark.  Riding rollercoasters and other thrill rides in the dark adds a whole new dynamic to the rides that can often be more thrilling and more beautiful.

Overall, Fright Fest is a great way to spend a night and experience the park in a different light.  Although not catered to young children, teens and young adults will certainly have a good time.

Six Flags Fright Fest Coupons

Six Flags always has coupons available and so they do for their “fright fest” event. Discounted can be bought on the website of and when coupons will come available online we will put them on our coupons section of the website over here.

We hope you will have a scary but awesome time at halloween!

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