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Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas For The Greatest Adventure

If you are looking for a place to have fun and to bond with your love ones, then Six Flags Fiesta Texas is the best place for you. It is a theme park that spans for almost 1 hectare of land located in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The theme park is owned by Six Flags which is a part of group of companies that formulized the master plan to developSan Antonio, particularly, the northwest. The whole development plan is referred to as the La Cantera which means rock quarry since this is the former main use of the area.

Brief Historical Background

In year 1990, the construction of Six Flags Fiesta Texas was started. It was originally owned by the USAA Real Estate Company and Gaylord Entertainment Company. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is originally designed to be a center for musical shows and as a marketplace for tourists and local visitors. It is planned that the primary focus of Six Flags Fiesta Texas is to showcase the culture and music of the southwest and the rides will only be secondary which aims to make the theme park unique from others.

The first years of operation of Six Flags Fiesta Texas was faced with so much competition because there are already theme parks in the area that are well-established such as Arlington, Houston, and Sea World or Texas. As this might be the case, the creator of Six Flags Fiesta Texas still pushed through with the development plan in the basis that San Antonio is a perfect regional leisure destination in the southwest.

There are four main sectors of the theme park. These are the water park Ol’ Waterin’ Hole, Spassburg and Rockville, Los Festivales, and Crackax le Canyon. It took over 23 months before Six Flags Fiesta Texas was completely constructed.

Annual Events of Six Flags Fiesta Texas

All year-round, you can always visit Six Flags FiestaTexas. With their many attractions, rides, and events, there is no telling how they can offer you with the experience of your life. The Lone Star Nights is an event of fireworks and festivities. Between May and September, Six Flags Fiesta Texas hosts an event called Starburst Concert Series which are made for party goers. During October, the Fright Fest is their main event attraction. In December, a month-long Holiday in the Park” celebration is done.

Rides, Roller Coasters, and Attractions

There are many reasons to visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The following are just some of the rides, roller coasters, and attractions that the theme park has to offer.

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Unforgettable Shows

The Golden Ticket Award recognized Six Flags Fiesta Texas as the best theme park shows in the country. While Six Flags Fiesta Texas has many remarkable roller coasters and water parks, they are also awarded in various aspects. In 2005, the Xcelleration made a great opening in the Zaragoza Theater inside Six Flags Texas. Xcellaration is a show about different sports such as BMX biking, bungee artists, acrobats, and skateboarding. Six Flags Fiesta Texas was even made more popular because of the success of Xcelleration while it used the theme park’s facility. As a result from the collaboration of Xcelleration and Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the sports show was awarded the Big “E” for the best sports show in 2005. Another award Six Flags Fiesta Texas garnered is the best show award for their Fright Fest “Mayor Slayer’s Monster Mash Bash”. The production value of the said show reached almost $50,000.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas at the Present

For the past few years, Six Flags Fiesta Texas was in danger of bankruptcy but it finally emerged out of danger on May 3, 2010. The owner of the theme park made future plans to obtain new stocks from the New York Stock Exchange. With these new announcements, there were many changes made in the theme park especially the names of some of its attractions.

There are also new attractions that were added. Six Flags Fiesta Texas boast of their new fireworks and laser light show, the “Lone Star Nights”. This show portrays the history ofTexasand its rich culture. Even the Zaragoza Theater produced a new show called Ovation.

Nevertheless, in the middle of these changes, Six Flags Fiesta Texas remains true with their mission; to provide a place for enjoyable and pleasurable place for every person.

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