Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Review and Savings

Do you wanna have some fun in the San Fransico area? Then look no further and head over toVallejo and give Six Flags Discovery Kingdom a chance. We went with the whole family, grandpa, little brother, mom and dad and all of us had a realy enjoyable day, don’t forget to bring your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons to save some money on your trip.

The park offers something for everyone, for the thrill seekers there are some nice rides like medusa and for the younger ones there even is a zoo in the park and a whale show! But we will cover more on that below as we highlight our favourite rides and attractions.

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Always keep an eye out on your valuable items since there are many reports on thiefs like everywhere else, just bring your camera and leave the rest at home would be the best thing to do.

In the weekends the rides can have enormous queues as well on public holidays, so plan your day at the park carefully if you don’t want to end up in enormous queues. And if you want to save some money at the parks we have an special page on our website where we list some six flags coupons and printable coupons, which you can use to save some money as it can be pretty expensive if you plan a visit to the park with the family!

A Little History on the Park

In 1968 the park opened as Marine World in Redwood city in California as a small oceanarium. Later the park merged with a land animal park called Africa Usa in the mid 70s. The park got renamed to Marine World Africa USA.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coaster PictureThe park property bacame a tax burden and the owner looked for a new spot to move the park and in 1985 they found a new larger park facility inValejo, California. The new park opened in 1986 and again under cotrol of the non-profit Marine World Foundation. The park became property of the City ofVallejoin 1996, because of the debt attached to the park. In 1997 the city hired Six Flags to make some changes to the park and to manage and maintain the park and in 1999 the name of the park got changed to Six Flags.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons:

Below we will list a few savers which can come in pretty handy if you want to visit this six flags park. And off course you can check out our coupons page to check all the special offers which apply to every single park over here.

  • Season Passes: The season passes at six flags discovery kingdom are $54,99 each and you get free parking if you buy for or more passes. Which is a pretty good deal if you live in the area and you visit the park more often and in more seasons of the year! You can bring friends for free with the season pass on some special days but the plusses with the season pass don’t stop there. Season passes give you acces to free events, Holiday in the Park, Fright fest and many many more.
  • Everyone Pays Kids Price: For only $34,99 you can enter the park one day on the prices of a kid, so we can unleash the kid inside of us and pay the same prices as our children. These tickets have to be payed online before you go to the park and you can bring you printable entrée ticket with you.

Great food at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

As most six flags parks, discovery kingdom offers a lott of different foods as well but if you want to bring your homemade cooked food you are aloud to bring that too. The food in the park is of good quality and if you travel a long way to get to the park it might be more convenient to buy your food simply at the park.

  • Odin’s Snack Shack: After a day of exciting roller coasters and animals you might want to treat yourself with a nice snack. Odin is the place to be, they have great barbeque nachos, fresh popcorn and many more delicious snacks. Odin’s Snack Shack is located in the Land area of the park.
  • Primo’s Pizzeria: Pizza time! If you love Pizza you are going to love Primo’s Pizzeria together with your friends or family. The Pizza place is located in the Sky area of the park.

A Roller Coaster Park? No wait A Zoo!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Park Map PictureWell both are true since Six Flags Discovery Kingdom offers both to its visitors. As stated above, this park has a zoo in its park, which is pretty nice for the small ones coming along. You have to chance to be standing face to face with some of the most exotic creatures in the world. You can even take a ride on an elephant, who has done that before? But guess what if you want to feed and pet a bottlenose dolphin you can do that too at the Dolphin Show. Thrilling rides a zoo with exotic creatures as you see, this parks has something unique and offers something for everyone! Their even is a Dolphin training session available in where you learn to train a dolphin 1 on 1 for $149.

Highlights in San Fransico’s Six Flags Park

  • The Zoo: Wander together with your family between the most exotic animals in the world and get of the exiting roller coasters for a second to enjoy the true beauty of nature’s animals inVallejo.
  • Whale Training: Always wanted to swim with a Whale or train a whale, well Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will offer you the chance to do this once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Boomerang Coast to Coaster: Currently featured in 5 other six flags parks, but still a very good ride. You first will be pulled backwards and go face first to the looping until you get to end at which you will do the same loopings backwards.
  • Skyscreamer: Opened in 2011. Swing at 150 feet high in the air at an speed of 43 mph. Minimum height required for this ride is 48 inches and is located in the Sky area of the park.

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So for a good amount of fun head over to Six Flags Discovery kingdom! You can also obtain some discounts using our Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons and if this park is not made for you Six Flags might be more an Option for you. Sometimes it might happen that there aren’t any special offers for your selected park but you might find some discounts on our Six Flags Coupons page, which has coupons for not just a single park, but every Six Flags park in theUnited States.

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