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Six Flags Deals and Promo Codes

Fun Savings for Adventure with your Family at Six Flags

Six Flags Parks have been a part of the North American Landscape since 1960. That was the year the first of the 14 parks opened for a grand total of 45 days. After that brief 45 day opening, the park officially opened in 1961. Since then Six Flags has added parks over the years to provide good clean fun for everyone.

Six Flags CouponsThe first park opened under the banner of Six Flags was Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, Texas. The reason behind the name is that the owners wanted to create a theme to reflect the nations that at one time or other governed Texas. Those nations included Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas, the USA, and the Confederate States of America (CSA). Various parts of the park were designed to reflect one of the flags under which the state was governed. For example, under the flag of Mexico the area includes Spanish themed rides, buildings and attractions.

Gradually over the years Six Flags changed controlling companies, which would under various helms acquire additional parks, the first three parks all use the words “six flags” in the name: Six Flags over Georgia and Six Flags over Mid-America (located in St Louis, MO it is now called Six Flags St. Louis). Eleven additional parks have been added over the last 53 years. The most recent parks added is Six Flags over Mexico, which was opened in 2000. The only other park outside the USA is La Ronde in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Although the park was originally opened in 1967, it recently became a part of Six Flags in 2001.

Although not all of the parks include the name Six Flags in their park names, they all are operated by the holding company, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. The parks include theme parks, thrill parks, water parks, and family entertainment venues. The parks all over North America and Mexico provide entertainment for approximately 24 million people a year.  In 2011, the net income for Six Flags was $13.14 Million. They employ 1,900 full-time workers and 27,000 seasonal workers.

Six flags’ obvious goal is to provide fun and entertainment to visitors that are not too expensive for everyone to enjoy. But, even the reasonable prices can be difficult for everyone to afford, so they provide several different types of discounts, promo codes and coupons to make the parks accessible to everyone.

AAA membership and Discover Card Discounts

You can visit the official website for Six Flags theme parks for Six Flags Discounts. Groups of 15 or more can enjoy discounts as well as groups of 100 or more. The discounts offered can be found under the heading “Special Offers” on the official website. You can also click on the main page to get information and offers for the park of your choice. In addition to group discounts for people to have fun together, they also provide discounts for AAA members and Discover Card users.

AAA members can go to their website to find a six flag discount offer off the ticket price. All parks participate in one form or another to provide discounts to AAA members. When you go to the AAA site, and provide your member information, you should then specifically search for the Six Flags Park you wish to attend to get your discount information. Or you can simply go to a park with your member card for $5 off your ticket price at the gate.

If you use your Discover card you will receive a 5 % discount on your purchase for Tickets and purchases at the park for food, services and souvenirs.

Military Discounts

Military personnel who wish to get a discount for the parks should go to their MWR/ITR offices at their respective bases for discount tickets. At present, Six Flags does not offer discounts for the military on their website or at the park gates.

Online deals for adventure and fun

If you wish, you can go to the Six Flags official website to join their email program called, “In the Loop” to receive information about new rides, events and discounts. The emails may even include promo codes and printable coupons, so it may be worth a few minutes to get on their email list for convenient information about your local park.

You can also search websites that offer Six Flags Coupons you can print out at home for the park of your choice. Most of the coupons offered online are for specific parks, so you just need to find the park you want to attend, and then scan for the deal you want, and then click on the offer. You will either get a printable coupon or a coupon code that you can use when you order your tickets online. The deals you find online with discount coupons can save you big bucks. One such coupon code offered will save $10 off  your online purchase three day prior to your visit Hurricane Harbor, Valencia CA. The code is 10007052 if you want to try it out.

You can also find a Six Flags Promo Code that can be used on their official website. Simply find a promo code wherever you can, then go to the site. On the home page you will see the heading “Choose your Park.” When you click on that heading, you will see a pull down menu in which you will find a box to input the promo code, and then you click on the park you prefer. When you click go, you will be sent the proper site for the park of your choice.

Six Flags DealsFor those who love to go the park a lot over the course of a season of fun, they can get discount season passes that make going to the parks more economical. Special events also offer an opportunity to save money, such as Fright Night during Halloween that is offered at most of the parks. Six Flags offers coupons on Coca-Cola cans that guests can bring with them to get a great discount on tickets at the gate. Or they can go to the official Six Flags website, click on choose a park and input the code: FF5 for a discount for Fright Night.

Six Flags offers 14 parks for family fun all over North America (including Canada) and Mexico. The popularity of the many parks guarantees that Six Flags will be around for families to enjoy for many, many years. Ticket prices are pretty reasonable when you consider how much the parks offer, including rides, concerts and special events. But, saving money on a day of fun feels like a bonus any way you slice it. For families of 4 or more, the discounts can really help save more money.

Take the time to explore the official website of the park of your choice to learn about discount offers you may be able to enjoy. If you are coming from a distance and need hotel accommodations, you may be able to purchase a package deal that will give you a place to stay overnight and discounts on tickets for the park.

The theme parks are created to help a family create fun memories and provide adventure and excitement that is out of the ordinary. Adding the benefit of saving money is as much a part of the fun as going to the park. Saving money to get in to the park, will give you more to spend how you want to for your family to remember this day for years to come.

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