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Six Flags America – Reviews and Coupons

Had a bad week, or just up for some fun, then Six Flags America might be the solution to your problems. Just minutes away from Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis is awaiting some good fun for you and you family! You have the chance to experience seven world class coasters, lots of cool family rides and two areas especially for kids. A cool special is as well is that you can go for free to hurricane harbor which is included in your tickets price! Well what are you waiting for, head over and don’t forget to bring your Six Flags America Coupons with you.

A little Bit of History

Six Flags Great America PictureThe park started already a long time ago in 1973, when H. Ross Perot a Texas Billionaire and a pair of Irish animal trainers proposed wildlife preserve on an area of more then 400 acres. Later the park was bought out of Perot and his Partners by ABC television and they turned to park into a drive through safari called The Largo Wildlife Preserve in 1974 and park got around 850.000 visitors a year.

However the park generated immense losses and the park closed in 1978. The park switched owner every few years, but the animals where replaced over time by coasters and other amusement rides and in 1998 the park become part of the Six Flags chain.

Good Time Become even Better times during your Visit to Six Flags America

Have a look in Looney Toons town and meet your favorite Looney Toons characters or your kid’s favorites. Do you like some more action then go in theTowerofDoomand make a high-speed fall from the 140-foot Tower of Doom and leave the ride while your body pumped up with adrenaline and head over to The Mind Eraser which will turn you inside out!

Six Flags America Coupons

Six Flags America Theme Park Map PictureThinking about visiting Six Flags America or already planned to go, then why not go on a discounted rate which leaves you with more money to spend on different things in the park or for yourself. For every park we list a few discounted ways to enter the park and of course you can visit our Six Flags Coupons page where all discounts will be placed.

  • Everyone pays Kids Price: For only $36.99 everyone can enter six flags for the price of a kid and unleash the kid inside them and enjoy the same prices your kids pay.
  • Season passes: Season passes are $54,99 each and if you buy 4 passes or more you get free parking all season long. So if you live in the area or you plan on visiting more than twice a year this is a great offer, as well as getting special promotion as bring a friend for free and you will receive over $300 in saving in your six flags coupon book.

Eat out in Six Flags America or have a Pick-nick of your own

The prices of food on a day out can get pretty expensive so in some cases it might be a better option to bring some food of your own to have a nice pick-nick with your family. You can dine out as well and might save some money using our coupons. There are so many places to eat in Six Flags America and below we will give you a few examples.

  • Aviator Grill: Want to eat some great cheeseburgers or hot dogs then head over to this place, which is located in the Skull Island Area.
  • Cityworks Chicken: Up for some chicken? Then head over to Cityworks Chicken and enjoy some of the best chicken around with a refreshing coke to make you last all day long in the park.
  • Panda Express: Tired of Burgers and Hotdogs, then why not go for some quality Chinese food in panda express.

Awesome Times During Your Visit to Six Flags America

six flags america skull picture

Your adrenaline will get pumped up to a level never seen before and your body will feel speeds and G-Forces playing with you like you
never have before. How far can you go, how much can you take, find it out while going into the awesome rides of Six Flags America.


  • Tower of Doom: As stated above, a great adrenaline rush for the thrill-seekers out there. You will be dropped at a 140 foot free fall without any warnings and you will go screaming down all the way with the rest of adrenaline pumped visitors. Located in the Southwest Territoryof the Park, minimum height 48 inches.
  • The Mind Eraser: A mind erasing coasters which make you wish you never entered, with its crazy sidewinders, sharp dives and daredevil rollovers. The awesome coaster is Located in the Coyote Creek Area and is a must do for Thrill Seekers, minimum height 52 inches. 

So where is all this fun Located Exactly

The park is located in Mitchellville , Maryland about 15 miles east of Washington DC and about 30 miles southwest of Baltimore.

By Metro

You can take the Metro’s Blue Line and hop of in Largo Town where you Transfer to the C22 Bus that will drop you of right in front of Six Flags America, please keep in mind that Metro operating hours are different every hour of the week.

By Car

Multiple options are available and it depends from where you leave, best is to use or make use of your navigation system which tells you the best way to drive. Park Address:

13710 Central Avenue
Bowie/Mitchellville, MD 20721

15 Minutes Drive From Washington, D.C.
15 Minutes Drive From Annapolis, MD
30 Minutes Drive From Alexandria, VA
40 Minutes Drive From Baltimore, MD
90 Minutes Drive From Wilmington, DE
90 Minutes Drive From York, PA
120 Minutes Drive From Harrisburg, PA
120 Minutes Drive From Carlisle, PA

No other parks in this Area, but for a list of parks please visit:

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I am a big fan of six flags and that is why I started this website to have all usefull information in one spot and when you are going a lott, six flags coupons are the way to go!

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