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Coke Cans Six Flags Promotion and Coupons

Six Flags Coke Can Promotion 2014

Every year Six Flags had great promotions, like bring a coke can and get a discount on your Six Flags entrance ticket. Or on some cans they even had a promotion to get 2 tickets for the price of one.

Two for one deal discontinued

As of today there is no two tickets for the price of one promotion anymore which you can use to enter your favorite Six Flags park. However there is always the chance of that promotion returning since it always was a great success for friends and family to save a nice amount of money and have a great day out.

What is the “deal” this year?

So what is working now? In the season of 2013, there is still a coke can promotion and you can save $20 by bringing your coke can to the ticket counter. Below we will show you a picture of what cans we mean and which can be used to save $20. These are special cans and they may not be available everywhere, but they are popping up in more places every single day. Make sure to grab yourself a nice cold coke before heading up to your theme park of choice.

You can always have a look on our Coupons page where we list every single coupon we could find, and if we missed something feel free to send us the info by email or leave a comment. The coupons page can be found here: at our Six Flags Coupons page

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I am a big fan of six flags and that is why I started this website to have all usefull information in one spot and when you are going a lott, six flags coupons are the way to go!

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